Crazy in love with motorcycles and technology, we created FLY FREE SMART MOTORCYCLES, a company specialized in electric motorcycles.

Founded May 24, 2016, the startup is located in Long Beach – California.

Our initial idea was to manufacture a visually appealing electric motorcycle based on the scrambler models, that would represent something in the customer’s lifestyle. We hand-made the first prototype. After several tests, of which we also actively participated on all phases, we arrived at the main model.

Not content with a singular product, we asked ourselves: why not go further? – Three models were created from a basic operating system and are called: SMART DESERT, SMART OLD and SMART CLASSIC.

CUSTOMIZATION is the main feature of our SMARTS. Knowing other cultures, we realize that each person is unique and that each place has different characteristics. You´ll be able to assemble 80 different combinations!

Ordering yours will be easy! You choose the model, then the body color, seat color, and finally choose the accessories you want to include.